Canción "Back On Track" de Michelle & The New Spielbergs / "Back On Track" Song by Michelle & The New Spielbergs


La canción "Back On Track" fue compuesta e interpretada por Michelle & The New Spielbergs en exclusiva para los títulos de créditos finales de "Otra cosa".

Puedes ver las fotos de la grabación de "Back On Track" aquí.

The song "Back On Track" was composed and performanced by Michelle & The New Spielbergs exclusively for the end credit titles of "Something Different".

You can chak out snapshots from the recording of "Back On Track" here.



Música Music Alejandro Cuiñas

Letra Lyrics Michelle Proietti con la colaboración de with the collaboration of Alphonse de la Puente

Grabación y mezcla Sound Recording and Mixing Jose Aguirre · Enrique Nicolás Silvetti

© Manderlight 2013



Where are you?

Do, do you know the heat brought back,

brought back on your head.


dead words,

they depicted us,

they protected us.

We tried to fix,

tried to sieze it up,

find a new trick.

We were here

for so long

and being so strong.

For what?

Hey, it's me. I left your things by the door.

Could you pick them up before five?

Now, nobody is here,

no, nobody is left.

Back on track.

Shame on us.

We should have faced the facts.

I guess we're back on track.

Does anyone ever come back?

Come back,

come back.

Where are you?










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